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An online market place to market yourself.

Fritado creates your own perfect & professional website instantly that auto manages all your appointments and service details.
It helps you manage your time better with its paperless appointment bookings & Service History, you can sell your products and expertise to the right audience through its powerful intelligent algorithm based engine.
Fritado will simplify your business with its ease of operation & dynamic metrics that brings utmost transparency & efficiency, Thus offering not just value for money but MORE for LESS.

How does it work


Setup Business Profile
Promote Online


Create Internet Identity
Promotion Options
Business Analytics
Highest Safety & security 


Brand Visibility
Businesses Productivity
Collect Payment Online
Global Presence


Get website for your Business, hosted in your own DOMAIN name. No need of technical skills or even web developers.

Calendar Booking

Fritado's Intuitive Intelligent system optimizes your calendar with increased bookings with lot of ease and efficiency.

Business Email's

Why worry, get your business email's created and start communicating your client professionally in your business name.


Fritado's Dynamic & intelligent analytics tracks your performance over time and lets you know how your offerings is doing.

Promotion Options

Offer your clients coupon codes, discounts for multiple purchases or make everyone's day easier with subscription billing.

Notifications & Reminders

Comprehensive & Smart personal assistant at your service 24/7, All your bookings and appointments are notified well in advance.


Love what you do.

Going Fritado means freeing your time from endless and unnecessary paperwork while keeping your personal touch. Here are some others reasons to go FRITADO way.

More for Less

Unlimited transactions and complete freedom to grow your business without being hit with a huge bill.


Utmost Security of all your clients data. We're fully integrated with PayPal and all your data sits behind rock solid SSL protection.

Always On

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed. Power your business with our cloud based power house. Don't lose a single lead.


Fritado's Smart Analytical engine delivers dynamic reports of your services in more ways than you could ever imagine to optimize your return on investment.

No Commitment, No Compromise

Fritado's offers are RISK FREE. We don't believe in tie-ins & false offers. Try it free of cost NOW.

Powerful online set up Simple & Easy

Fritado helps you go online with complete features of your services in no time.

Sync your calendar

Sync your calendar in a way that suits you the best besides offering clients the least minimum lead time.

Rock solid support

Experience our uncompromising rock solid support 24/7
Hotline : +91 80 4124 8482

Easy price & Easy Services.

$ 135 / Year

$ 85 / Year

$ 210 / Year


15999 / Year

Our clients

Self Starters, Whiz Kids & Cool Gurus

How does flexible payment work?
We count how many clients you have each month. The amount you pay is dependent on how many clients we have processed for you.
Its our way of scaling our service to fit your changing needs. If your business is slow to take off, you won't be hit with standard fees.
Why does Fritado make financial sense?
When it comes to IT, it is better to RENT than BUY. Your e-Commerce solution is your lifeline and livelihood. Investing in secure and stable servers, and setting up your own professional solution is costly. By next year, it is likely to be out of date and need more work.
Fritado keeps you up to date for a fraction of the cost. For starters, Fritado is cheaper than the cost of a yearly SSL certificate.
How easy is to set up?
The entire Fritado website is built on simplicity. It's as customisable as you need it to be.
You don't need any technical know-how. We run you through a few quick forms.
How does Fritado boost my business?
Your sales page is constantly tweaked to incrementally increase sales conversion using A/B testing. Your clients are more likely to want to book through a secure and quick system. Your time is maximised as our Smart Calendar refuses booking at times which you deem inconvenient. That is, your clients will not be able to book you at a time, which lowers the number of bookings you can receive in a day. No more waiting around a half an hour for your next client, means being able to see more clients in a day.
How can I promote my website and increase traffic ?
Unlike most other service providers who route your website traffic through their domains or links Fritado lets you manage the traffic directly to your website thus optimizing your brand recall value and creating a powerful online presence of your own, you can further optimize your website traffic by our basic level SEO tools apart from your own efforts through social media marketing, email campaign, adding Google analytics etc, this enables you to optimize your visibility.
Am I locked into a contract or subscription deal?
No contract. Ever.

We'll set you up with a subscription, but you can cancel at any time. You're welcome to take advantage of our free trial to make sure Fritado is perfect for your business.
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